Crisis Management

The issue of the handling of crisis for me is exciting. It is from the first day I heard of this particular professional discipline, several years ago, when I had to face a communicational situation of a client company wrapped in a product of a conflict of commercial interests image problem. Then I wondered: why it becomes urgent and necessary to handle a crisis? The answer is very simple: to preserve the most valuable asset of a company. Its buildings? Their equipment and materials? Your employees? Their stock of products? None of those. The most valuable asset of a company is its corporate image, including, of course, their brands. But what about the corporate image? It is a State of opinion that an organization public acquire from numerous inputs received from her. Corporate image is a consequence of the business management rather than a variable communicative. This means that the image will be the result of global culture and corporate behaviour and not only of its communicative action. Aspects related to quality, customer service, financial profile, the corporate identity of […]