Stages Of Project Design

The process of working on the interior, always carries many new and interesting, because to solve many problems to find simple answers to complex questions, to reconcile different needs and requirements. Consider all the stages design project. The first phase of the project design rfp Often the first meeting of people who later become best friends, they are remembered for a lifetime. Work on the project also begins with the first meeting, with dating. Subsequently, this knowledge will set the tone for the whole working process, will ensure a successful project and a successful realization. information about the number, size and purpose of the proposed premises; necessary equipment; stylistic design direction. For public interiors on the 1 st stage of project design also requires a clear statement of objectives, requirements specification is usually more complex, it contains Information about: mission premises, their size and quantity, the estimated number of offices for staff and guests, the company's structure, requirements for placement of departments, reception, meeting, etc., for shops, restaurants and hotels – the target audience, age, financial situation and preferences of visitors or customers of the company (for example, shop for , reception for Vip-persons, restaurant for the middle class), stylistic direction of design, equipment. Having all necessary information, the designer starts to work, its outcome and completion of 1 st stage of the project design are several conceptual proposals for planning decisions and style object. The second phase of the project design joint creative work now begins the second phase of the project design – the period of co-creation: the proposals debated during the meeting begins to develop certain direction, which will become the basis for the project.