Spirit Fusing

Life After Death According to Esprita theory, after death of – the origin to one the other originated life of the Spirit that if disconnect of the previous substance. For me this subject demand a imensurada complexity. I open this discurso on the basis of logical and scientific reasoning. If the oringina man if biological speaking of a fusing, where the elements that compose this fonmeno (fecundao), are initiated from two organisms being: it both with proper life smem masculine and vulo feminine, that will go to form genetic characters of the resultant parts, and that, through the natural process of the life, it will only go to initiate from this fusing, the bilogical development without it depends on factors or phenomena external. It would like to leave open for exposition and consideration of that they demonstrate interest for the subject, leading in account that, inside of the logical reasoning meeting does not arrive in port that it can send the influence of one third element for formation: physicist, intellectual and spiritual. Thus I leave open this, to all commentaries since it makes that it to the light of science