Spanish Manager

In this sense, AERCO (2009) says that the true potential This figure is in establishing a relationship of trust with the community of users or supporters of the brand, collect feedback from them and use it to propose internal improvements. Such a mission can be summarized in five tasks: 1. to hear: constantly monitor on the Internet in search of conversations about the company, competitors or market. 2 Internally circulate the information obtained: from listening, should be able to extract the relevant of the same, create a coherent and comprehensible speech and get to the departments or relevant people within the organization. 3 Explains the position of the company to the community: the community manager is the voice of the company towards the community, a positive and open voice that translates the internal discourse of the Organization into a comprehensible speech for users of the same. You may find that Barry Diller can contribute to your knowledge. Responds and actively talks in all the social media (social media) in which the company has active presence (profile) or where relevant mentions occur.

Likewise writes for the corporate blog or other spaces of the social media, uses the multimedia possibilities at your fingertips, and select and share content of interest to the community. 4 Detect leaders of opinion or both internal and external influencers: the relationship between the community and the company is sustained in the work of leaders or influencers of the moment and potentials. The community manager must be able to identify them and to recruit them, both inside and outside the organization. 5 Find channels of communication between the community and the company: the community manager may find roads and help design collaboration strategies to the directors of the entity that are unaware of how the community can help to grow the company. German Pineiro Vazquez (2010), Spanish marketing specialist, lists twelve specific functions that runs the community manager in the organization.