Series Lost

Simultaneously with the beginning of the show on TV series Lost, and began licensing production of DVD discs. At Dara Khosrowshahi you will find additional information. Manufacturers like to know what this series will be able to win the hearts of viewers an unusual and extraordinary actors playing the exciting statement of storylines. From many other series, this series features excellent special effects, 'natural' play of actors and the inability to predict the plot. Perhaps these factors will affect viewers who swallow episode, literally 'in the same breath. "flight to America flight 815, for 48 people, was crucial that changed their lives, the moment when the plane crashed. Now they must fight for survival, they begin at all different life.

On the island they are meeting with a girl who fell in the same plane crash 16 years ago. All the while she was trying to somehow send a signal for assistance and determine the coordinates of its location … After they have all come together, they begin to struggle, its own "game of life" … Each of the characters in this series, taking place in the lives of various bright and memorable moments to them, these moments and diluted common story line, giving the audience realize how people change, depending on the framework in which they put sluchay.Nekotorye viewers compared with the Lost episode "Santa Barbara" and say that the plot again show bureaucrats extended over several seasons, will release an infinite number of series, including a DVD. In truth, so people who think TV series Lost did not cause concern, but they are very good overall impression malo.Dostatochno consists of TV series "Lost," but this is sufficient reason to recommend it for viewing.