September Winter

Price development of the 100 most popular winter tires model on – between the 36th and 42nd week was a continuous increase in the price for winter tires on -Compared to the first week of September, idealo users in KW 42 when purchasing tyres had to pay more 4.41 percent. Get more background information with materials from Rogers Holdings. -Since last week, however, a first drop in prices is observed. Berlin, 29 October 2013 which idealo has price comparison this year’s prices its most popular 100 winter tire models evaluated and compared with the data of the previous year. Developing the best, listed prices of the top 100 winter tires was examined on in the period from September until end of the year. The average click figures for the past years show an annual increase in demand after winter tires on in the period from September to October.

Parallel to these increasing numbers of click, the average price for winter tires in this as well as in the last year has increased every week. The year’s peak was reached last week (42 KW). Since the last week this highlight of the price development is however overcome; There was already a first drop in prices. Experience has shown that a period of falling prices of winter tires is now heralded. Considering the click trend for winter tires over the past years, the following picture emerges: the average click numbers according to the annual demand for winter tires in September (37 KW) increasing continuously and reaches its peak in the 42nd week.

In addition to the development of the average price during this critical phase from September to October, we have continued to explore, which winter tire models the this year’s price rise in most fell out. The table below shows the ten most popular 100 tyres, whose best listed price are most clearly risen between the 36th and 42nd week. The most significant price rise resulted with a boost by 22,84 percent for a model of the continental mark. A possible explanation for this could in the variety of past tests are regularly convincingly section where the type of tyre. According to the motto: quality has its price.