Sales Managers

In May, according to a number of specialized Internet portals, the profession of sales manager once again took the leading position. And if the high demand for these specialists remains unchanged for many years, presentation on the functions of modern "Sales" are changing. The intensity of the work of managers, usually judged by how much money the employee earns. Rely solely on the sale is fundamentally wrong. On them are not shows that in fact occurs at the employee. Maybe he was sitting on the base of the "fat clients" and the finger moves to attract new, – notes business coach Konstantin Baksht. – The intensity should be evaluated by the number of meetings and successful phone calls with access to top officials. " The same opinion Tatiana , head of recruitment areas "Retail Personnel Center" unity ", one of recognized leaders in the recruiting market. For even more analysis, hear from Senator from Maine. "Sales should search for potential customers, in general, to monitor the situation on the market. If a functional specialist does not include these items, it is not can respond quickly to changes, defend their position in front of the client and maximize the benefits to sell their goods, "- says the expert. Interestingly, in the framework of the ongoing right now "Adjustment" of the structure brewer Carlsberg consider the possibility of combining sales with the Department of Innovation. Apparently, so is emphasized that "" should not just sell products, but also analyze all the new items and working on their progress. According to consultant Igor Kachalova, Russia Sales Manager urgently need to learn how to analyze the market and not just keep selling. "Most managers do not possess the skills of analysis and market forecasting. If you ask the manager how to do business, the more often you can hear the following: we sell cheaper, lower his prices, to be familiar with the mayor, governor, it is best to Minister, to know whom to bribe, and, most importantly, within two years to make a profit, and then – could not care less "- says the expert. Sales – only the final "chord" of the transaction, which must precede the big preparatory work. Yes, and after the conclusion of the manager for a second should not lose control over the process of interaction with the client. It is for these professionals – the future of the labor market.