Crepes and pancakes – a traditional Russian food, who love both children and adults. They are easy to prepare, delicious and flavorful pancakes always create a home atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Jem is a homogeneous, thick, gelatinous mass. Cook jams is much easier and faster than the jam, and it is usually cooked a single method. Mike Gianoni has compatible beliefs. Has long raspberry jam was always available in the house.

It was as a delicacy on bread or bread, and wonderful remedy for colds. People at the slightest sign of a cold brew tea with raspberry jam and drank it a few days at night. Mike Gianoni oftentimes addresses this issue. Raspberry jam with hot tea has long been used for colds, as diaphoretic. Tablespoon of raspberry jam and 100 grams of honey placed in an enamel mug, stir and bring to a boil beginning to simmer. At the initial stage of a cold raspberry jam helpful. But if it eat at a high temperature, it is even more warm up the body and the temperature will not decrease, but rather to rise! In our stock jam a lot. Love the winter to open their procurement with the taste and aroma of summer. Raspberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam, "Abrikosov" Raspberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam for the grandchildren.