Production Center

Business Support Center "Poltava-business-center" and Poltava Research and Production Center "Optimalist" since 1992, joint project, "Human Resources for small businesses." During this period, successfully trained more than 3 thousands of citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries. The project focuses on training for small businesses in the field: Director of a small business; Director of a retail store; master technician of Small fur production; master technician of small forms of the leather industry, training programs are implemented in the form of short courses of 6 to 20 days. Education graduates are having hands-on experience on these fields. Upon graduation students are issued a certificate of the course. Trainees may be citizens of Ukraine and other countries, knowing the Russian language, which zanyatiya.Uchebny center is underway in the city of Poltava, in the regional center of Ukraine, occupies the first floor of the building on the street. Kucherenko, in the district "Brailki." At the time of study, students are provided with accommodation in apartments in nearby located homes. Procedure for admission to the courses and the rules have been established are set forth under the heading "Contact Us". The courses are available in the following categories Site: School of Business" – the director of a small business, retail director shop; Furriers School" – a master technologist small forms of fur production School Tanners' – a master technologist of Small leather production A group of directors of retail stores – from 22 to 28 December 2008, following group – from 19 to 24 January 2009, on the curriculum. Nathan Gaude can provide more clarity in the matter.