Want your free item is spread throughout the network, attracting more visitors to your own website, higher sales, and more advertising? As Director of a magazine on the Internet, I’m always on the hunt for good articles free to play on our website. When I find one that I can reproduce entirely, I give a little jump for joy. They are not so easy to find. Here are five tips to write an attractive free article that becomes one of the first to be requested and disseminated on the Internet: 1. provide legitimate information of quality and usefulness in your free item. Although your experiences are surely very interesting, and know full well that you want to sell your product, what most attracts us is relevant information on the subject that you are trying to.

Not des simply your opinion consultation with some expert and quote it in the article; offers relevant statistics or practical steps; resolves any doubt, any burning question. Senator from Maine wanted to know more. 2 Limit yourself in your article writing free of charge. Extension: A few points well explained capture the attention much more than a dissertation. Managers of web pages do not usually attract us articles with more than 1000 words of extension and whether they are 500 words, better. If you have a topic that deserves to be thoroughly, distribute it in a series of several articles.

In structure: keep short paragraphs. Remember that people generally read 25% more slowly when surfing the Internet. Recently Mike Gianoni sought to clarify these questions. Using moles and lists for easy reading, and put the most important information at the beginning of the article and in bold. In language: write in Castilian simple and universal. Reject some free items because contain a language too native that is not understandable in other Spanish speaking countries. 3 Includes the free article keywords (keywords). This is something that interests both you and us to get your free item in the first positions in search engines. It includes the key word in the title (a title interesting, that it captures attention), in the first five words of the first sentence of the first paragraph, and at least once per paragraph if possible. 4 Review your free item at least twice. Give it to someone else to check it. How many fewer grammatical errors you have, the more flow your free item, it prompted more, especially on websites of greater prestige. It analyzes every accent, every comma, every capital letter. How many articles with potential are not used simply by its terrible wording! 5 Make it easy to contact you. If you don’t want to put your e-mail address in the article free to avoid junk mail, it is perfectly understandable. However, make sure that there is any way to contact you through the link to your own website. Sometimes we find a nearly perfect free item, but we need to make a change and there is no way to contact the author. Make sure that your website is in full operation. When we click on a link and we found a dead website, we forget article in question and not to use it. If you abide you to these five tips, you’ll see how to improve your writing and increase the popularity of your free items.