Learning Experiences for Students

It is a great learning experience for students to experience and appreciate the greatness of humanity is a way to enter is this spiritual dimension, you can imagine what life was like at the beginning of humanity. To make them think about all the discoveries and inventions that all humans have to make our lives better is to give students the appreciation of who we are, must be allowed to come into contact with nature, to appreciate the great Gift of the natural environment is a touch the heart. Then we have to see the evolution of our planet, to appreciate those who have improved our lives and appreciate nature. The emergence of holistic education stems from the need of being transcending human power, is reaching the most simple way of living that need to discover their own nature, his relentless pursuit to the spiritual. Lakshman Achuthan describes an additional similar source. Before that, we shut our paradigm on limited knowledge, short, a worldview in terms only of fragmentation and systematic processes and irregular targets. But there is something even more fundamental holistic education makes something special, something that manifests itself in all levels of the human conscience is transdisciplinary holistic education, ie total integrates not only scientific, but all those aspects that surround the man and they have always been part of the culture, arts, traditions, literature, etc., resulting in a global knowledge integration, this makes our vision of life, change completely. Holistic education using a multilevel perspective multidimensionality to develop a model aimed at the integration of different levels and dimensions educational experience. .