Inside of some requirements three they are most necessary: comprometimento, complexity, credibility. To one grating difference between the remunerated hours and the hours of real profitability; a great percentage inside of the company does not dedicate 100% to its work is necessary vision and delegation of the goals and objectives of a leader with its team. ‘ ‘ To form a team effort and conhecimento’ ‘ (KEN MALEJKA 1995). Complexity; if it cannot recognize the failure and necessary to establish a point to look simplicity and later you doubt them is necessary to reflect as a thing always leads to another one. Credibility; a to be conquered prize, ideas you validate important and constructive and that all leader it needs to select in its team with criticizes it to this and the personal spreading grows is necessary an ample vision to only acquit the constructive points of each person ‘ ‘ The people must be remembered with more frequency that she needs to be instrudas’ ‘.

2006 P. 9). A conclusion and validates either of the new was or of old cepas all or any one that considered the power failed. The power and a force known in all the universe and felt and exerted since the birth ties the death, the power we are born with it and necessary is molded calms it so that the leadership is reached. ‘ ‘ If we want to help the others what we really need to make and to awake in them the power to be on its proper feet of if sustentar’ ‘ Dalai Lama (Apud SERGIO 2007 P. 121) LEADERSHIP AND AUTO CONTROL the caused problems inside of a company in the current times will only be decided through organizations success that cannot cheat xita without leadership accomplish.