Kiev Land And Real Estate

Over the past 8 years in the city of Kiev and the Kiev area has increased dramatically the cost of land and land. So, if in 1999 the land area of 9 hectare in the center of Kiev Pechersk worth 180,000 usd, it is now – not less than 1,8 million cu A similar situation is observed in the Kiev region. If the earlier plot near Kiev (Vyshgorodsky, , Kiev Svyatoshinsky, Brovarsky and Borispolsky areas) can be bought at a price of usd 1000-1200 for weave, but now the cost (depending on the distance from Kiev) soared to 5000-15000 thousand cu Such a sharp rise in land prices and land plots in Kiev and Kiev region for several reasons. In Kiev, every year have less available land for construction, and wanting to build an estate on earth – more and more. And, of course, that the demand for it increases and prices rise. Literally every square meter of Kiev ground flares up a real war, not at all used shady schemes and corruption is rampant.

Often used a scheme where a dedicated piece of land in Kiev are selected from the builder and several times re-sell, increasing from Every time the price of land in Kiev. From these Shadow corrupt schemes parcel of land in Kiev suffer, of course, in the first place, ordinary citizens who trust their savings to various fraudsters and impostors. In Kyiv region causes a little more. Starting in 2003, land and plots in the Kiev region, which are located at a distance of 25 km from Kiev, became a favorite place for the construction of suburban mansions Ukraine's ruling elite and big businessmen. Also, a spike in land prices and land Kiev region contributed to the mass arrival of investors, who began buying parcels of land for construction production near Kiev, and gostinnichno and entertainment complexes. Most chassis ground near Kiev – this land at a distance of 30 km from Kiev, large and flat (preferably rectangular) shape. Corruption and raider grabs here also flourished riotous color. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit cornell capital. Everyone remembers how mysteriously burned down the building management allotment district, Kyiv region, and then again was robbed, kidnapped by unknown persons not only paper certificates of land ownership, but an electronic database. All this makes it easier now illegal squatting of land and land from their rightful owners who can not now prove their the right to own land in the Kiev region.