Injured Debut

If she had been tennis player, like Nadal, or a soccer player, an infiltration would have allowed him to leave the step at least, but Loving Andrey Bikkazakova, of Costa Rica, is cycling, and, as she knows well, a cyclist to whom she infiltrates is forced to keep 48 hours from rest, and so she must leave the race that disputes. So four hours before the beginning of the race against the clock by equipment, while their companions of the Movistar inspect the route connected in their goats, the first Costa Rican in the history of the Tour devours a good plate of fusilli white (the tomato sauce, in a separate bowl eats, it wetting bread in her) with the left foot good bandaged supported in abierto drawer of the sideboard of its very small room of a lost Campanile in the middle of Vende. It is the consequence of his two falls in the first stage: esguince that as soon as it allows him to put itself standing up. Source of the news: : The injured debut of Loving.