Infantile Work

Brazil meets enters the countries that present the biggest indices of infantile work. KBS follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. PNAD 2007 calculated that 4,8 million Brazilians with ages between 5 and 17 years already exert some type work. As this research demonstrates, the exploration of the infantile man power, although forbidden for law, still occurs with sufficient frequency in our country, mainly in agricultural regions and families of low income. Although to have greater presence in the agricultural region, the infantile work is found in entire Brazil, also in the great cities, and under the most varied forms. This harms the society strong, therefore it reaches a basic part of it, the children. Sam Feldman understood the implications. These small Brazilians have its infancy denied for the work, are private to exert its rights to the leisure and the education. Thus, the infantile work contributes for the maintenance of the poverty in our nation, therefore these children who had abandoned the school to vender its man power in canaviais, coalmines and steel mills, will become adults without instruction, if to arrive at this phase of the life, and will have mediocre jobs that very probably they will compel its proper children to work as form to supply a lack in the familiar income.

He offers of the infantile work must yourself, over all, the necessity of the child to help the family who possesss one pssima financial condition, being the parents, some times, incentivadores of this situation, taking off advantage of the exploration of its proper children. True the responsible ones for this problem, however, are our public representatives. The Brazilian government determined in the last decade that the combat to the infantile work would be ' ' priority of the agenda nacional' ' , however it adopted for this end measured insufficient and corrupt. In way that rare the punishments established for the employers of minors are applied in fact. So known indifference of the government it stops with the necessities of the Brazilian people, as health, education and security, also are seen stop with ours children, whom, for representing minors costs, greater subordination to its contractors disciplines and, are explored daily without if gives the due importance or if it fights this truily badly. Much more of what the beautiful speeches of our representatives, are necessary that they are placed in practical efficient politics that fiscalize with efficiency and punish those hardly that they explore the work infantile. We, common citizens, also fit great responsibility for the improvement of this situation. We must show to our dissatisfaction ahead of the actions of ours politicians and choose with seriousness our next governing so that these are sensible to the problems of the Brazilian people.