Increased Mass Muscle Quickly

If your purpose for 2011, in addition to going to the gym, is the take full advantage and improve your muscle mass, please note the following points, which will be the key to grow your muscles: the training sessions will be intense. I.e., once we take tone in a couple of weeks, exercises should fatigue the muscle enough to make it grow. We use de3 to 8 sets per exercise with 8-10 repetitions each, so that the last repetition of the series cost us to do it, but we can complete it. The rest is essential. At the beginning it is advisable to train one day and rest another. When your body gets used already you can enter two days training with one of rest. Not by much train the muscle will grow more, since you need your rest time to grow.

Food is essential. Be sure to eat the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates: protein to build muscle and carbohydrates so that doesn’t lack energy in training sessions. Vitamins and antioxidants should not miss in the diet to help build muscle more optimally and prevent us oxidemos. A good warm-up is important. Because it prepares the muscles to be 100% in training and avoids injury. If there is injury may not be trained and therefore the muscle rather than grow steal not to receive stimuli. Patience and discipline. These are the two key points. The muscle will not grow in 10 days, but if we are disciplined with workouts, rest and food, already we will notice changes the first month and within a period of a year or year and a half is when you will notice that your muscles have grown really.