Increase Muscle Mass

If you already took the decision to increase muscle mass, you have a target clear, about what is the body you want, here you will find some recommendations that you will be very useful to begin the process of increase of muscle. When deciding to increase muscle mass, often found with the difficulty of how to start, what to do, that recommendations follow. Most importantly, when it starts with the physical exercise, especially with the lifting of weights take into account common sense, this allows you know to where you must follow without risking health in each train. Here I present other recommendations that will help you follow the road of weightlifting. Before you start any physical training plan, review your health is optimal, if possible seeks advice from a sports physician, that will help you to know your physical condition. It is important to exercise in a comprehensive manner, a good option is to combine your aerobic strength training, You can make them in half hour sessions two or three times a week.

Before weightlifting, you should perform the exercises without load, because it allows you to master the technique and you’ll gradually increasing weight to lift the optimum weight for your physique according to the training plan that you follow. Lifting weights, it avoids overloading as only get will physical and problems of health and does not advance the development of your muscle mass. It only begins to increase weight or resistance when you can easily perform 8 to 15 repetitions. Please note: perform exercises that work all major muscle groups through full range of motion if you feel the slightest sign of injury or deterioration in your physical condition, stop the exercise, analyzes and rethinks the routine that they follow. With regards to food, you eat 5 to 6 times a day, consume carbohydrates, proteins and very little fatty acids.

It is very important to stay hydrated, consumes much liquid, liquid between each and three litres a day, take it between meals and during workouts. It rests, it provides your body the rest both need, this allows muscles to recover quickly and be ready for the next routine. That always remembered for your peace of mind and your safety, plan to continue to increase muscle mass, must be designed and supervised by an expert. Click here and you will find.