How To Reduce Churn At Hotels

Redress of grievances reduces customer churn. In resolving minor complaints outflow consumers can also be reduced. In resolving problems arising from consumers, there are two important conditions. The first – if you satisfies the complaint, then do it quickly, protracted decision problems will only increase the outflow of customers. Second – find out the sources of dissatisfaction among consumers. For example, a business woman has just returned from his trip abroad.

After a good night's rest in a New York hotel she decided to order an American breakfast. She called the desired service and breakfast was delivered to her very quickly. A friendly waiter wheeled serving table in the room and set it up so that the woman could have for breakfast admire the view from the window. He opened a branch of heat sources and gave the woman breakfast, which she had expected: a full, hot American breakfast. Then the waiter brought by a woman, who quickly signed it and gave a good tip. Now she was ready to start breakfast. However, the waiter said: "Sorry, but you must pay cash." She explained that she had no cash and got their credit cards, including the "Gold Card American Express, which it usually makes the calculations in the hotel. The waiter handled by phone and 5 minutes later found out that you can use Credit card.

But now the woman is already in the disorganized state was sitting in a cold breakfast. Or another example. Responsible for organizing meetings and conferences booked a bus for a group of managers of one of the clubs excursion to the country club.