Global Economic Crisis And Loans

The global economic crisis, the growth of the dollar depreciation of deposits in national currency – to date these problems are concerned not only economists and financiers, but also representatives of other professions. We offer a small review material that is a global financial crisis of 2008, what causes it, how it may affect or have affected the lives of ordinary citizens, and what to expect in the future. So far the world economy suffers from the economic crisis. Manifests itself not only globally but also locally. U.S. mortgage crisis, the decline in production – is a global problem. al Solutions. Depreciation of deposits in uah – the question of a local nature, since it relates directly to each person who is a customer of the bank and keep your savings on deposit.

The global economic crisis began in the United States. After the Great Depression significantly increased the level of consumption and as a consequence, prices began to rapidly increase. For example, in early 2008, the price of oil reached fantastic figures in the amount of $ 100. per barrel, while in midsummer rose one and a half times. Of course, this could not affect consumers. Motorists began to experience difficulties in servicing vehicles, as a consequence, reduce demand and consumption of automobiles.

Car sales declined in all corners of the world. The global financial crisis was also caused by the mortgage crisis in the U.S In the past year significantly increased the number of mortgage loans to customers with poor credit history. Increased the refinancing rate, inflation increased, customers began to experience difficulties in the disbursement of funds. The banks have had problems with the availability of funds, interbank loans had to take difficult virtually impossible. Some banks have a long history going bankrupt. The global economic crisis affected also the stock market. In October there was a record decline in the indices. See more detailed opinions by reading what cornell capital offers on the topic.. However, to delve into the reasons global financial crisis – the lot of economists, ordinary citizens need to know how it will display at each of our lives.