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TomTom seeking helper for creating a base map for Seychelles Munich, July 26, 2012 TomTom is the only provider of commercial navigation solutions, which builds its own cards. These cards consist of so-called layers. The base is the current road map. It is similar to traditional paper card, on the streets and buildings are marked. It is the level with historical traffic data.

The information for this purpose come hat(1) from the world’s largest traffic database, the TomTom thanks to the help of his customers since 2008 built. Daily free map updates form the third level of the daily free map updates on the map share community. This dynamic, more frequently occurring changes in the road network are mapped. These include E.g. blocked roads or modified from bending rules but also changed speed limits and street names.

Portable navigation devices can these changes daily for free MyTomTom or TomTom HOME, retrieve, users of iOS app get the updates even on request over the air”(2). The source of these changes is the TomTom map share community. It includes more than 20 million TomTom users; per month, TomTom receives 250,000 corrections from the community into the cut. The real time traffic information from TomTom HD traffic form the fourth level. This level is used only by devices of the LIVE series and depicts the current traffic in a unique quality. Wanted: for the Seychelles TomTom maps for more than 92 countries offers backup cartographers today worldwide. There are still a few white spots on the TomTom world map. This summer TomTom finds paradise project families or friends who help with the mapping of five dream Islands therefore for the map. For Fiji, Saint Lucia, and Mauritius, the teams are already found, today ends the deadline for Cape Verde and the last phase of the application begins. For field work in Seychelles TomTom looking interested again, up to two weeks on the Island want to spend and also received 10,000 euros for the mapping. The successful applicants will explore the Seychelles with a specially equipped vehicle of cartography. The collected spatial data flow in the base map, layer 1. Candidates need no prior knowledge in the field of cartography. Joy of Sun, beach and giant tortoises, as well as a good sense of direction are helpful. So interested in the Seychelles can apply candidates form a team of up to five people and sign up online on summer. You explain it briefly, why your team the right thing is for the map paradise project.