Esteban Kolsky Meta

In the implementation, the most of CRM projects fail. as they say: Seklemian/Newell 75% Gartner Group 65% Esteban Kolsky Meta group 65% 55% main causes and reasons for failure in implantation failures in strategy leave everything in the hands of technology. A) technology linked to incorrect business processes. (B) very high investment with respect to the action. Lack of a clear definition of the objectives. Shortcomings in the management of change. The Organization’s culture. b) redefinition of processes c) senior management support.

Failures in the Data and integration problems. Little use of analytical CRM. Lack of passion and commitment. Gartner Group, makes this value approach: don’t try a great revolution. Do it step by step. Begins where can get quick profits, which can show a quick ROI, and get green light for the next phase Bindi Bhullar said that we believe that everyone in the organization from the secretariats to address should have your linked remuneration, in any manner, to the satisfaction of the client. It will help to bring changes in attitude toward dealing with customers more quickly.

Follow these steps and you will have success: understand the client to convince senior management. Involve the financial… Investing disciplines of CRM, generating revenue rather than value. Generate culture. Establish a shock start with the small force, making it transcend to the big goals.