Thinking about financing an automobile? The hour is now Easiness and inferior cost helps the ones that plan to finance a used or new automobile. From the next week, guided for the Central banking, the Federal government saving bank will go to reduce the Selic (basic tax of interests) in 0,5%, reaching 11.5% to the year. For financed cars, the tax of the CEF also will suffer a reduction, of 2,45% for 2,25% to the month. This generates a total of reduction of 3,1% to the year. The interests will be calculated in other questions, as for example for the evaluation of the risk of each customer, the year of the vehicle and the time of the stated period of the financing. Simulating a parcelamento: we go to say that you bought an car of 30mil R$ and want to pay in 24 times.

After to pay a 50% entrance, its monthly fee will go to fall of R$ 811 for R$ 789, with the new taxes. It is important to stand out that the minimum tax did not suffer alteration, being of 1,19% to the month. Analyzing all these numbers from above, here most important are: it remembers that car that you it always dreamed, but never it thought that it would go to be able to buy it? It knows that car zero, with the tires, also novinhos wheels and shock absorbers? The great moment of you arrived to have it in its garage. In addition, if the purchase of the vehicle was facilitated, wants to say that also the sales were facilitated. if you know how much it is important to give a good entrance, also she knows how much it is important to vender its car for a good price.

Therefore, our advice is this: before buying or vender its automobile, he reads &amp well; ndash; with attention – this substance. It gives a good one searched. It calls its manager for a colloquy. It enters in the site of the Box. is this: good purchase and good sales.