Diplomatic Suites Park

Tourism in Mendoza is no longer only synonymous of Sun, snow and good wines. In recent years, the province has begun to be recognized as a benchmark in high-end hotels and gastronomy. The Executive hotel complexes and Diplomatic Suites Park, headquarters the latter the exclusive restaurant La Bourgogne, are clear examples of the exquisites reached the offer of accommodation in Mendoza. Another sector that has gained a great development in recent times is that of extreme sports. The province, in effect, offers ideal conditions for the practice of all kinds of risk, high mountains and snow sports, thus becoming a destination of choice for athletes and fans to the adrenaline of all latitudes.

Once again, the complete infrastructure of tourism in Mendoza has been able to respond to the growing demand with innovative, creative proposals and original. High mountain excursions, for example, attract with proposals for all audiences, and are no longer exclusive heritage of athletes trained, willing to challenge the demanding peaks of the Aconcagua. Today, extreme sports in Mendoza pisan strong and have your web space through Mendoza end site, intended to inform about the activities of this kind to I will perform soon in the land of the Sun and the good wine. This web page offers more comprehensive agenda of mountain sports, from mountain climbing to fishing, rafting or windsurfing, going through the classic trekking and the ultimate longboard. Excursions, clinics, camping, relaxing walks in bicycle or demanding challenges of high mountain, everything has its place in this site of compulsory consultation for those wishing to live the adrenaline, in Mendoza, in the most extreme tourism. Mendoza end also allows discover jewels hidden as castles Pincheira, to only 27 km of Malargue, an ideal place for the practice of mountain biking, trekking and fishing that owes its name to the extraordinary rock formations that serve as framework.

Or know all the data necessary for a different experience, flying over the imposing Andean landscape aboard a hot air balloon. Mendoza offers a number of possibilities for an unforgettable experience. Very close to the best hotels of Mendoza capital or in the wild heart of the mountain, the adventures and adrenaline are multiplied for anyone who knows how to find them. It is only a question of animate.