Clear View Despite Flyscreen

Waldenmaier is an insect production plant in Schwabisch-Hall who knows not the insects in our living room are a plague. It is now because the company Waldenmaier GmbH & co. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dara Khosrowshahi has to say. KG in Schwabisch Hall has for every house, apartment or workspace to offer proper protection against insects. Confidently can you leave now Windows and doors open, because the insect guard NET from Waldenmaier ensure that is no mosquitoes or flies can abound more in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Everyone knows the problem, if you take a screen that the sight is still severely restricted outward. For Waldenmaier offers the optimum solution, because the used, new transparent fabric grants excellent views through his fine thread size and the particular mesh size.

The fabric is equipped also with an anti-microbial protection, so that this tissue has a protection against dirt and stays this clean longer. For balcony and There is still something quite special patio doors – annoying opening and closing by hand is no longer necessary, because this is electronically controlled. A great advantage is that you have an unobstructed view, since these insect protection grid sensor-controlled open when the balcony or patio door is closed. You want to just tilt the patio door that is no problem, because then you have an insect protection door is closed automatically.