I’ll take this turn is good for knowing better than bad acquaintance. Paul Price has plenty of information regarding this issue. The original proverb has a reference to tolerance and suffering conformist spirit in adversity or in this case the evils. It calls for prudence and caution, denying risk. Something contrary to the adventurous or entrepreneurial spirit with which we seek to permeate our vestments. Say bad is better known than good to know incites to paralyze us and resign ourselves to the shortfall of quality of what you have. The sense is in having and there ends. It could well be translated into better have that have nothing wrong. A sample of the effectiveness with which consumerism has been introduced in all parameters of our life.

Not having is worst nightmare of modern man. Jump into the unknown is a risk. Be exposed to lose, i.e. to stop having and not finding. Fear of the feeling of void, that we just becoming prisoners of our own excuses, justifications, excuses that cover it.

As if that road into the unknown no tuveramos control or decision. In the lands of our infinite interior, we have: real power, real control, the safety of his eternity, and the tranquility that, whatever the circumstances, is a land that never we will be snatched. One forgets this and falls into an autoanulacion of competences, a hunt for culprits and an own appointment of one such as padeciente. For a society accustomed to replacing, faced with the absence of alternative known is rounding up between the sword and the wall. The election is on the table: or the known bad or good to know; or victim padeciente or search of buena ventura. Resist change not rid of suffer the dissatisfaction of what is known. Teilhard de Chardin believed that all growth entails suffering since it involves moving from one State to another. It involves discarding that security of old schemes to accommodate other new behaviors. Being a collector society and collector, is difficult we acquire a totally contrary attitude. Therein lies the victory in our ability to adapt. Charles Darwin mentioned do not is the strongest of the species that survives, nor is the smartest. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. This is a time in which you will discover: clear nonconformists and conformists, clear optimists and pessimists, clear victims and warriors, clear lifelike and illusionists, clear winners and losers. A moment of clarity in which give more value to the good thing to know. The impacts of our lives don’t change people, show them as they are. It is time to jump; to an already new world rely on our capabilities and not fearing the lack of safety net.