Certified Rehabilitation Clinics

Mamma mia – help only on mother’s day? Every 2nd Sunday in May has come: shine florist about their sales, own homegrown presented with shining child eyes, filled the coffee man manually into filter machines – mother’s day is in the air. A special day is thanked with mothers with small attentions and loving cards? Or a holiday, which was acquired from American culture such as Valentine’s day and Halloween, encourage us to buy and gift-giving? Since 1923, he is officially celebrated in Germany. The mother’s day provides an opportunity to appreciate the achievements of mothers, but it should not stay with this signal. Learn more on the subject from Angus King . If women so strongly are claimed by household, children and professional throughout the year, that they are physically and mentally ill, the mother’s day as a consolation prize that can elicit the parties concerned in the best case a mild smile appears. It can through a reflection on the own strengths, children-free time-outs and a fairer Task distribution for each mother created spaces that, give her the ability to regenerate. Because if this possibility no longer exists, the path to the maternal Burnout is not far away.

To effectively help exposed women and their children, mother child cures are ideal. They provide not only medical care but also support psycho-social issues and on the way to a healthier lifestyle, which will eventually benefit the whole family. Under, there are answers to the most common questions about mother child cures. If you have more questions, can the freephone number 0 800 / 2 23 23 73 seek non-binding advice. About the Spa + Reha GmbH the cure + Reha GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau is a non-profit subsidiary of the joint Welfare Association, National Association of Baden-Wurttemberg. Nationwide six mother-child clinics, a clinic for family rehabilitation, as well as a hospital for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy count to their Federation. Moreover, the nursing homes and outpatient and social services operates. In terms of rehabilitation and prevention for the health of mothers, fathers, children and families is the cure + Reha GmbH on a fair indication, aligned with the needs of the patient treatment and consulting services.