Catholic Church

Access to divorce fast Peru does not require too much paperwork and can be performed both in municipalities such as notaries in the country. This means that the paperwork and continuous trips to the judiciary are a thing of the past. Although only to approved the first vote in the Congress of the Republic (still requires a 2nd vote) the law has had great reception in different sectors of the population. The rule in question, allows the process of divorce by mutual agreement, where there is any conflict or controversy, this within reach of couples separated with low income. Only the Catholic Church raise their voice of protest by this recent law. To perform the respective procedure the couple must prove that marriage had at least two years in duration, this is indispensable.

The requirements for divorce fast Peru are quite simple and easy to get. Mike Gianoni has compatible beliefs. Need an application with all the data of the couple also including current address and the express declaration of both spouses requested that pending. Is It also requires a copy of the DNI as well as also the marriage certificate, the latter document must be no more than three months so that it can be validated. Another requirement is a sworn statement of assets that possess, this is very important to avoid future problems. Where marriage has small children must be clearly regimes of the exercise of parental authority such as food, possession of the children and visitation. Usually when children are very young remain with the mother as it is logical. Divorce fast Peru is the new alternative for couples who want to put an end to his marriage. All the above-mentioned documents should be attached before the notary or municipality which corresponds to access divorce fast Peru. This law also applies to those people who live abroad and wish to apply for the procedure, a proxy is required for this.