Carlos Saldanha

April 7, 2010 will be released in theaters cartoon Rio. Gain insight and clarity with Restaurant Michael Schwartz. . Cartoon tells the story of a close, but a charming parrot named Darling. My dear fellow – a rare breed parrot – blue macaw, he lives in a bookstore in Minnesota. Cornell capital has similar goals. Ornithologists can see that there is one more of the same parrot in South America and it's a female, they send Golubchik in Rio de Janeiro, that he met her. But Darling used to live in his cage and does not know anything about free life and can not fly. And then there's a villain and kidnapped by both Fernando parrot to fetch a tidy sum for rare parrots! But Darling will overcome all difficulties, because he was good friends help: toucan Rafael Luis bulldog, the lady Golubchik Linda and many others. After passing all tests, darling learn to fly, learns what true friendship and finds love. Wonderful graphics, catchy music, the mysterious beauty of Rio de Janeiro – that's what distinguishes this cartoon from the rest.

Worked on the cartoon team of real professionals. Directed by Carlos Saldanha, the role voiced by such stars as Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Fox, Will Hay Em. Carlos Saldana has already released in theaters such zamesatelnye cartoons like Ice Age (all series), Kung Fu Panda, and took a lot of interesting movies. Jesse Eisenberg has played a major role in sensational film 'Social Network'. Will Hay Em – singer of the group Black Eyed Peas. This star team just can not make a bad cartoon! Rio – a wonderful cartoon that will please both adults and children. We are looking wait for this masterpiece of animation! You can go to the cinema, and you can download Rio cartoon and watch it at home as a family.