Canary Island La Palma

Say goodbye to old, new targets welcome their seminar Garden “Jardin de Vida” on the Canary Island La Palma coach and trainer Dorothe Fritzsche invites people to embrace the own life goals once a few days completely undisturbed. With varied exercises and the sharing participants can find out what they want to keep in their lives, what they must, what new goals to want to take them and how to reach them or be different want to abscheiden. The whole thing with slight movement and breathing exercises and short sequences of meditation is supplemented. A joint hike through the bizarre volcanic landscape of the region is also on the agenda. She should show that there are events that the individual cannot influence, but life always finds a way.

The participants in a relaxed atmosphere together spend the new year’s Eve evening. On later in the evening, the Group (in suitable weather) breaks up to a lava field on the sea, there to greet the new year under the stars. The seminar ends with a Final meeting on new year’s day in the later morning. Dorothe Fritzsche