Best Client

Our clients. We speak more with them, escuchemoslos than ever and ofrezcamosles what they need at this moment. The product that a certain client 3 years ago needed can be the same who needs now, does not speak with them and will obtain answers. Any company of any sector can obtain competitive advantages reviewing portfolio of products/services in a while like the present one. We eliminate those superfluous services additions our product if the client says it to us. 4.

The clients look for chollos. The client always looks for chollos has existed, but now this segment of clients is in the heat of height and can suppose an opportunity many companies creating specific products and services to cover its demand. A new mark for this new segment? Evidently the answer is yes, the client profile is different, the communication therefore also thus in addition we will avoid the cannibalisation of our own sales between the different segments. 5. We take care of the best clients. We award its fidelity, hagamosles to feel special.

At the present time many reasons and temptations exist to change of supplier or of mark, the cost to lose a profitable client is highest and for that reason we must take care of to them, mimar to them and offer to them what they can need. We send special supplies for them, special communications Perhaps some event? No it would be of more, surely the ROI will be quite high. 6. Policy of prices. Eye with the temptations to reduce prices or to begin to throw the prices by the ground. The companies are many that are been communicating interesting proposals of value during years and in the last months bomb means with infarct discounts we do not confuse the consumer, or are the best product or are cheapest, but both things simultaneously do not sound anything well.