Study English is part of a vital learning experience, not only from the perspective of curriculum, academic and professional enrichment involving the domain of one of the languages spread across the world and more used, first and foremost, in all cosmopolitan territories and in the most important sectors that make up our society. Without a doubt, the English language has become a second official language in many bilingual territories and a linguistic universal need in all areas of life of modern human beings. The reasons find them, in evident way, around a multiplicity of activities, whose language support is English, as language basis of social, cultural, educational and professional interaction – among them privileging the demand for mastery of the language, through: education, literature, the press and journalism in general, interaction at airports and air traffic control, the understanding and implementation of the technology, the successful management in the business world, the love of music, especially pop style, and the management of advertising globally, among other many demands that emerge on a daily basis, from all sectors of our society, where the dominance of English is definitely a need for predominant study. Study English constitutes, therefore, an essential learning experience, since their knowledge provides the student possibilities being integrated to a cosmopolitan world, where the best advantages are the possibility of: optimizing education processes: A large amount of educational information is encoded in English, therefore, to have access to this material or to communicate with other studentsIt is necessary to have a knowledge of English that are obtained, not only through the systematized teaching English as a foreign language, but also through English classes, basic courses, intensive programmes, talks practices of the language, etc. > has to say. Broaden the perspectives of the occupational or job field: currently, to enter the possibilities offered a competitive labour market, it is necessary to speak English – curricular knowledge that lifts accessing all optimum employment opportunities. Get unlimited access to the information and utilities that provides Internet: in a broad sense, the universal language used on the Internet is English, since most of the information stored electronically in the world is encoded in this language. Travel the world for any purpose: the dominance of the English language it is possible to travel to any country in the world whether or not speaking Anglo-Saxon-, without having to mediate a translator.

English is the mother tongue of approximately 400 million people around the world, and the second official language of a similar number of Anglophones – estimated at 750 million, students learning English as a foreign language only during the term of this first decade of the 21st century. Its dissemination, as a language variant, has generated the most spectacular acculturation, after the comprehensive process of romanization suffered from the Western hemisphere and part of the oriental, during antiquity. This linguistic and social phenomenon are added the characteristics of the English language, which are its simple alphabet, ease of its Phonetics, the brief Lexicology, regular syntax and simple morphosyntax all linguistic elements of easy understanding and applicability, ideally suited for the study of English aprendizajey facilitation.